About Us

“What makes Stone Builders Masonry better?”
The cornerstone of our business is quality…And we don’t take quality lightly! We don’t just talk about giving the customer the most for their money. We provide full masonry services that can’t be beat! We can’t be beat because we couple quality craft, quality design, and quality materials together to produce unsurpassed excellence in every job we do. Masonry is our passion! Contact us now and let us create your one of a kind work of art.

Quality Craft
When it comes to craftsmanship we like to let our photo albums do the talking. What we do looks great and lasts longer because of the high level of standards we expect from ourselves. We are confident that the small sample of photos displayed in this site speak volumes of the quality of our craft. We provide the kind of masonry services that we are proud to display in our own homes, and on our own properties. When you hire us you are getting masonry services from people who are compelled to do their absolute best! By using us you get the work of artist at the rate of a craftsman. Our motto is quality ~everything else builds from that. Contact us now and let us create your one of a kind work of art.

Quality Design
Our business isn’t just stacking stones!  Our designs take all aspects of quality masonry and functionality into account. We consider things like the contours of your landscape, or the colors in your house. Masonry is an investment in your home and part of our uniqueness is that we design projects that enhance the beauty of their surroundings.  The pictures demonstrate our success at  design partnered with lasting quality. The pictures included here are only a tiny fraction of the work that we’ve done; we have hundreds more. And your project will be another example of the great work we’ve done.

In today’s market to survive a company needs to remain flexible. That to us means as your masonry contractor  we accept that a customer’s project may already have a design. We also build to existing plans, even if they are rough sketches.

Quality materials
Aren’t all stones the same? No! There are many different types of stone and each of them have their own unique qualities. When you have Stone Builders Masonry complete a project for you , you get 27 years of knowledge in working with all the different types of stone and brick. As your mason, we’ll complete your project with the best stones for the desired features. The materials we select must meet our stringent standards of quality. We work with fieldstone, granite, brick, bluestone, limestone, cobblestone, and much more! The proof is in the beauty and durability of our finished projects! Contact us now and let us create your one of a kind work of art.

Custom Build
Have you ever been told this:”I’m sorry we don’t do that kind of masonry.” If you choose us you won’t! Customer satisfaction is paramount to our business and that means meeting all of your requests.  Custom built jobs give us the ability to personalize the work we do and it makes the project a “one of a kind.” All of the pictures in this site represent custom work. We take difficult jobs because we gain personal satisfaction from doing what others can’t, or simply refuse to do. Click on some of the links to our galleries and you’ll see exactly what we mean. Large or small we do them all! Take a moment now to contact us and we’ll arrange to meet you and discuss your project.

Of course we travel within a reasonable distance without making special arrangements. But, our primary service is provided in the Massachusetts area. If you are looking at this site and you’re not sure if we’d travel to your home, contact us and we’ll talk. Again, perhaps you’ve heard: “I’m sorry our business doesn’t cover that region.” We understand how tough it is to find a masonry business that can provide the experience that we do. We are willing to make those special arrangements to work where you want us to. It costs less to pay great masons like us to travel than it does to have somebody else repair a bad job. We do all of our jobs right the first time! Contact us now and let us create your one of a kind work of art.