Stone Walls


Walls are our area of particular expertise. Long, short, or high~ we do stone walls in any shape you can ask for. Whether you want a boundary wall, or a wall to add to the beauty of your existing landscape, we can build it for you. Don’t be bashful! If you don’t see what you had in mind ask! We’ve done too many jobs to show them all. Contact us now and let us create your one of a kind work of art.

There are many types of stone wall construction but drywall is our favorite stonewall construction method because of its’ innate rustic beauty. However, the standard drywall construction isn’t as durable as a mortared joint. That’s why our drywalls incorporate a mortar-core jointing technique. By using mortar on the core of the drywall we are able to retain rustic beauty of drywall construction without sacrificing the durability of mortared joints.



This drywall, with integrated stairs, uses tumbled bluestone. The pattern is a flat lay with random flips that enhance the tonal variations of the stones. The stair caps are custom cut blue stone that are built right into the wall so that they can’t move. Notice the inviting smooth radius at the entrance of the stairs. Many masons will only make a square corner. Not us! We prefer using a radius corner because it’s significantly more welcoming. We’re convinced that the extra attention put into our project leaves a gorgeous long lasting impression for all those who see it.